A medley of direction/production projects from the past 12 years.

Music by: Iorie


Vice: Johnny Walker (Editor, VFX)


High Times


Red Antler


Ghost Robot: Encyclopedia Pictura (Pre-Vis, Compositing)

Ghost Robot: Bassnectar (Creative Direction)

Imaginary Forces: (Compositing)

Shoplift: (Direction)

Timothy Saccenti: Passion Pit (Compositing)

1st Ave Machine: Chrome (Compositing)

Red Antler: Vevo (Animation/Sound Direction)

UNICEF: (Direction)

Imaginary Forces: W Network (Compositing)

Boxee: (Direction)

Moving Picture Company: Nike Times Square (Compositing/Animation)

Deutsch: Microsoft Office 365 (Direction/Animation)

Be The One: (Direction)

DeMotu: HP TouchSmart (Compositing/Animation)

Eternal Life (Direction)

Cannes 2011 for Anthem Magazine (Direction/Edit)

Buck: Hertog Dancing Cows (Compositing)

Awesome New Republic - Digital World (Direction)