Brooklyn based Ryan Hooks has been working on Plant Vision the past 6 years, while raising over $3.1mil to conduct research in the field of multispectral augmentation. From building autonomous greenhouses from scratch to traveling 40 countries for the purpose of understanding the who and what of technology that will take us the furthest.

Ryan is apart of the Nvidia Inception program and has spoke at events from the UN to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. From phone, plane, to satelite, he most recently is working with Theia to create real-time hyperspectral Earth. 


Ag/Sum Tokyo 2018: Japanese Ministry of Agriculture.
European Space Agency 2018: MELiSSA.
TOA Berlin, Germany 2018: Augmented Reality for Greenhouses.
United Nations SDG’s: Bonn, Germany 2018.
Ethereal Summit: NYC 2017.
Seeds & Chips: Milan, Italy 2017.
Summit at Sea: Miami 2017.


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